Patchwork Mirror


kanju’s Patchwork Mirror tells a story through the history and thoughtful combination of its materials.  Reclaimed copper and dhow boat wood are sourced from southern Africa. The copper is treated to create dynamic surface variations, from bright penny polish to textured teal, while the Dhow boat wood is carefully milled to preserve each piece’s natural sun bleached appearance and beautifully worn, original paint.


Copper discs, strips, and wire combined with squares of reclaimed dhow boat wood alternate in seemingly random, yet visually balanced patterns to form a decorative quilt framing a mirror. An interior rail of solid hammered copper mediates the transition from mirror to frame and lends the piece a sense of luxury and refinement. Available with mirror installed or as a frame for creative applications such as large-scale photo and window framing.

Dimensions: 36” x 70”

Please contact kanju for more information.