Jolly Man-Wall-Sculpture-Kanju-Interiors

Jolly Man Driftwood Sculpture


With bright eyes and a knotted grin, Jolly Man is carved from petrified driftwood by Zimbabwean artist Tinashe. The work features a steel installation hook and is perfect for either hanging installation, base support mounting, or learning against a wall and weighs approximately 12 lbs.


Zimbabwean artist Tinashe collects driftwood along roads, rivers, and lakes in Zimbabwe and South Africa before he contemplates inherent patterns in the selections of weathered wood. Based on natural impressions, the artist carves each piece using simple manual woodworking tools and minimalist artistic gestures which serve to bring to light a piece of wood’s individual story and personality. Tinashe’s works are often figural, embodying the forms of human faces, human bodies, and animals that populate his surroundings.

Dimensions: 12” x 30” x 6”

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