Ostrich-Bead-Africa-Wall Art-kanju-Interiors-Red

Ostrich Bead Africa Map


kanju’s Ostrich Bead Africa Map brings together four distinctly African elements in one elegant design: textile, ostrich shell beads, a brass trade pendant, and the shape of the continent itself.  Ostrish beads, a traditional African trade bead drilled by hand from Ostrich egg shells, are sewn on South African plush cotton to form the shape of the African continent.


The Ostrich Bead Africa Map is a visually-striking wall hanging perfect for the eclectic space curated by a world traveler or collector. It is a contemporary artifact which draws on the historical use and application of traditional African trade materials.

Please contact us to request a similar style work in a scheme and color of your choosing. The techniques, style and materials can be employed to create one-off designs in addition to the Africa Map shown.

Dimensions: 34” x 34”

Please contact us for more information.