Scarified Charcoal Clay Vase

Scarified Charcoal Clay Vase


Tall Vases in kanju’s Scarified Collection draw on the ancient African tradition of body scarification, a practice which protects individuals from harmful forces in the physical and spiritual world. Designed and created by South African fine artist Andile Dyalvane, each of these totem-like constructions carries with it charms to inspire wonder in any setting, complete with Dyalvane’s signature gravity-defying approach to hand built forms and meticulous surface treatments.


Andile Dyalvane of Imiso Ceramics in South Africa understands his practice working with clay as an opportunity to create beautiful, valuable, and functional objects with the four elements of life: earth, water, air, and fire, and his works have been lauded and celebrated worldwide. Please contact kanju for more information or to inquire about custom commissions and limited availability pieces.

Tall Vase: 7.5” Diameter x 24” H =$2600

Please contact kanju for more information.

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