Ray Berman Oil Painting 02 Wispeco ND11F kanju interiors

“Winseco ND11F” Abstract Oil Painting


Artist Ray Berman, longtime resident of Swaziland, paints with oil on canvas and two dimensionally constructs refined abstract compositions, often with complex line work and in nuanced color palettes. His sensitivity to rhythm and negative space, inspired by a love of improvisational jazz music, lend Berman’s paintings a sense of architectural structure rendered with rich impasto.


Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, artist Ray Berman fled his home country for Swaziland in 1966 in a self-imposed voluntary exile when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. There he became an architect and eventually a painter, immersing himself in Swazi tradition and culture and gaining insight into a central approach to art in Africa: no one creates anything by themselves, but must submit to the voices of ancestors, listen to the spirits and allow them to work through each artist.

Dimensions: 55” x 39.5”

Please contact kanju for price per artwork.

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