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Organic Element Snare Chain


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Striking, feminine and authentic. Inspired by life in the Zambian bush and handcrafted by local women, this piece is just divine. Made using snare wire removed from snare sets and cut free from wounded animals during anti-poaching patrols in South Luangwa, Africa, each piece is coiled by hand, then masterfully paired with Ethiopian copper prayer beads or Turquoise. It can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet 


With every piece of jewelry sold a donation is made t o anti-poaching patrols to help remove the snare wire traps that kill and injure many of t he area’s iconic wildlife. By buying snare wire accessories, you’re helping raise thousands of dollars for this vital work t o save elephants, big cats, and antelope 

Handmade in Zambia,  the snare wire is collected from the African bush and coiled by hand.

Featured in National Geographic & British Vogue 

  • ~ Hammered snare wire
    ~ Hand carved wooden bead
    ~ Zulu seed
    ~ Turquoise/Ethiopian copper prayer bead
    ~ Metal

    Every piece comes in a unique pouch of traditional chitenge material.

  • 39"L

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