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Organic Element Snare Chain - Kanju Interiors
Tanzanite Namji Dolls - Kanju Interiors
Petrified Teak Root Ball - Kanju Interiors
from $735.00
Natural Wood
kanju interiors fauna lidded lozi bowl food storage cultural african hand made one of a kind carved animal figures gift decor wood dark brown decoration table top
from $135.00 $240.00
kanju interiors ethiopian meskel cross unique one of a kind intricate decor decorative detailed elaborate decor vintage
Timber Tortoise Shells - Kanju Interiors
African Cork Stools kanju Interiors cork recycled harvested light cork dark cork natural organic colorful options customizable custom colors side table accent round stool seat durable modern minimal unique luxury indoor outdoor
kanju interiors cork swivel bar stool dark light durable sustainable mid century modern statement indoor outdoor steel concrete base
kanju interiors cork low cocktail table dark light durable sustainable mid century modern statement coffee indoor outdoor
Narrow Cork Pendants - Kanju Interiors
kanju interiors wiid ceramic lab vase modern terracotta dark light cork contemporary statement sculptural decor decorative decoration gloss green black blue planter pot indoor outdoor
Wiid Terrazzo Bench - Kanju Interiors
Binga Patterned Flat Baskets kanju interiors function hand woven natural grasses one of a kind unique rustic imperfect table top decor wall decor mounted organic natural fine weave baskets trays shallow bowls Zimbabwe ilala palm cream flat basket accent intricate artisan catch-all geometric pattern cocoa
kanju interiors gemsbok print pillow wire teal dark blue modern colorful statement unique comfortable comfy soft cushion throw decor decorative gift
Wire Buck Print Pillow - Kanju Interiors
Denim & White
Chocolate & Teal
Tall Neck Vase - Kanju Interiors
Felted Table Vase organic unique modern contemporary stylish minimal luxury home goods gift hand felted felt hand dyed karakul wool South Africa functional décor decorative decoration texture soft durable washable collapsible ombre stripes lines basket charcoal gray natural white storage planter table shelf home goods gift