Window Light - Idle Quarters

Each 3-D photographic diorama in South African fine art photographer Sandy McLea’s Idle Quarters features an abandoned building interior scene in Kolmanskop, a ghost town in the Namibian desert. Bent and joined giclee prints come together in a compositional whole that warps and alters a viewer’s perspective.

In Idle Quarters, the artist meticulously conceals details around corners and partially ajar doors, creating a sense of discovery each time a work is studied. LED lights are installed to illuminate apertures and flicker unexpectedly on a randomized timer. Works in Idle Quarters are part of a 7-edition closed series and each is signed and numbered by the artist. Once the series has sold, the artist will not create any more works from this particular site in Namibia. Pricing is dependent on the remaining number of editions per work.

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