Avoova Ostrich Eggshell Originals

Beginning as a small project experimenting with the natural materials in the remote Karoo Desert fifteen years ago, the AVOOVA Design House has evolved to a boutique, haute luxe artisan operation that creates a myriad of objets d'art, striking furniture and bespoke custom pieces coveted by collectors the world over.

The eye-catching, creamy veneers created with thousands of shards of ostrich eggshell – Avoova’s hallmark – are testament to artistic curiosity melded with the beauty of nature.

Avoova pieces can today be found in luxury resorts, as custom bars and facades on mega-yachts, and in stylish luxury homes around the globe. Born of the African ostrich, this ancient material has been transformed by Avoova artists into a luxurious decorative finish that surpasses organic veneers from around the world for both beauty and functionality.

Committed to keeping production in the Karoo where it first began, Avoova sources eggshell from reputable, local ostrich breeders from hatched or unfertilized eggs; a process that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by a team of skilled designers and artisans, who work the shards of shell into a myriad of textures, colors and patterns.

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