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Wonky Matabele Basket


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These versatile baskets, completely organic in nature, provide the perfect hideaway for all your miscellaneous bits and bobs. These stunning, handwoven pieces are from Matabeleland in Zimbabwe.They show beautifully as single pieces, as clusters on the floor or a landing space, within shelved wall arrangements, or as hanging arrangements. Being lightweight, they are easily hung with just a bit of wire and picture frame hangers for a unique statement wall, perhaps along a stairway corridor or over an entry table. The options are truly endless... let your creativity shine!

  • Available plain, banded, or food cover style. Available in a “nests of three” and with a new extra-large version. Baskets will darken slightly and become more firm with age.

    Each piece is one-of-a-kind and possesses its own unique personality. Variations between items received and images shown can occur. To choose from our current inventory, images can be requested here.

  • Food Cover- 13.5 - 14.5"D

    Medium - 12-14"D

    Large - 15.5-18"D

    Extra Large - 22"D

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