Romantic Swag Ombre Chandelier

Specially designed for the Romantics amongst us. The NEW Romantic Swag is no wallflower. She is designed to make all those who come in contact with her fell in love, instantly. With countless beaded swags, held together by a beaded band, this stand out piece can be suspended flush to the ceiling or with chain.

Each clay bead is hand-rolled, kiln-fired, then dip-dyed before being individually strung onto a wrought iron frame.

  • Minimal design with the added detail of a top and belly band
  • Choose between ‘solid’ or ‘contrasting’ belly band
  • Handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Natal

Small -  15" Diameter x 15" High
Medium - 18” Diameter x 18” High
Large -  24” Diameter x 24” High
Extra Large - 35” Diameter x 35” High

Can be custom made to various sizes, designs, and colors. Click here to Request a quote.

Additional Information & Shipping 

All designs are wired and conform to all international electrical standards, globes are not included. Please note that because our beads are porous, some absorb colors more than others, creating a textured look we adore. 

Indoor and Covered Outdoor use. Standard shipping is 6 - 10 weeks.

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