Handwoven Rugs

Karoo Curly Mohair Rug


Mohair is one of the oldest natural fibers known to man. kanju's luxurious Mohair rugs are handspun, dyed and handwoven by skilled artisans in South Africa. Mohair soaks color much like silk allowing for an almost endless range of jewel-toned and pastel colors. The fiber is referred to as the "diamond fiber" for its strength and resiliency and is clipped from the Angora Goats that roam the remote and beautiful Karoo Desert, from which the master weavers draw much inspiration for their contemporary and whimsical patterns.

Shown:  Limited Edition piece in collaboration with American watercolor artist Claire Oswalt. Please inquire for pricing of Limited Edition patterns. 

Product Details

  • Soft and silky, with a lustrous sheen.
  • The color does not diminish over time.
  • The purity of the yearn allows for great clarity of color.
  • Mohair is the most durable of natural yarns.
  • Naturally fire resistant and will not carry flame.
  • The smooth fibers restrict the accumulation of bacteria and are naturally antibacterial.
  • Suitable for humid climates.
  • Mohair is cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Does not contain lanolin and is non-allergenic.

Product Specifications

  • Type of manufacture – hand spun | handwoven
  • Fiber composition – 100% mohair weft | pure cotton warp
  • Aspect – flat-weave or tufted
  • Backing – fully reversible
  • Total mass – approx. 3-4kg per m2
  • Thickness – approx. .47- .55in
  • Classification for use – residential | commercial indoors
  • Max size – 16.5 x 19.7 ft

Shipping Information
Standard shipping is 8 – 12 weeks, depending on size, pattern, and weavers' pipeline. Rush orders possible but may have additional fees involved -- please inquire on the possibility of rush orders (4 - 8 weeks)Please contact us, for additional information.

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