Mud Clay Bead Empire Chandelier

Hundreds of hand rolled Malawian clay beads with colored glass accent beads are draped around steel frames in a classic French empire design in kanju’s Mud Clay Bead Empire Chandelier. Unique materials lend a surprising sense of casual glamor in this classic design with an African twist.

Product Details 

Mud Clay Bead Empire Chandelier are made to order and custom sizing or unique design elements may be requested, please contact kanju to modify dimensions to suit your space. 

We also accept full custom commissions using the materials and techniques employed in our Mud Clay Bead Collection. A design professional will work with you to create a design to suit a niche space or achieve a specific effect and bring your vision to life.

Shipping Information

Standard shipping is 8 - 12 weeks. ** Shipping on this item is NOT calculated at the checkout due to the unique size, weight, and fragility of this item. You will be notified via email with a calculated shipping cost which will need to be paid prior to dispatch. Please contact us, for additional information

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