Wiid Designs

Wiid Design is a Cape Town based design studio, established by internationally recognized artist and designer Laurie Wiid van Heerden. Wiid creates work that can be seen as the interface between art and design - where materials are transformed into life enriching and durable products.

Wiid’s work comes from a conceptual and artistic environment, an angle on various topics of contemporary culture, with a focus on traditional handcrafting in combination with avant-garde techniques. By combining handcrafting and specialist techniques, materials are transformed into life-enriching and durable objets d’art. The range includes furniture such as stools, side tables, dining tables, and collectible benches, as well as a range of lighting, tableware and collectible hand-carved objects. 

Wiid Design continues to receive awards around the world for their design acumen and for their sustainable use of materials. The attention to detail in the pieces is much celebrated, and they have been exhibited at many international art fairs, such as 100% Design in London, Design Days Dubai, Design Miami/Basel in Switzerland and Design Miami, and currently scheduled to show with kanju Interiors at the Armory Show in New York City in March 2019. 


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