Basket Wall Inspo

"Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own."
~ Michelle Obama

"Making simple things in a beautiful way and making beautiful things in a simple way is my idea of modernity."
~ Sandi Owusu, founder of fashion label Diva Delicious

The basket wall trend has long surpassed trend status and become a classically modern treatment to add texture and individuality to wall spaces. It is easy to see why. Handmade baskets are not only beautiful artworks in and of themselves, but they enable you to create a unique artwork of your own in how you select them and choose to arrange them -- giving your space a touch that truly and completely your very own. They are also incredibly versatile and can work on small walls, large walls, narrow spaces, vertical and horizontal spaces, and even on curved walls or up a staircase and around corners. The style adds texture and warmth, and somehow feels both very intentional and effortless. For a step-by-step in creating your own basket wall, check out our how-to styling guide in our Journal, under the Styling section, and get inspired by all the beautiful ideas below!