Bhaca Planters


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Completely personal and original, the Bhaca design reflects ceramicist Andile Dyalvane’s connection to his South African Xhosa roots while celebrating his mastery of clay. The design focuses on Andile’s signature scarification style, reflecting the Xhosa tradition of cutting or marking skin – hence the name “Bhaca”, the Xhosa word for scarification.

Bhaca planters are perfect as sculptural statements in a garden or interior space. Finished in a fire-pit black, ash grey or a bleached white their scarification is applied on all sides of the planter. The twist of the form and the slashing strokes create a dynamic form making them ideal as independent pieces which can be seen from any angle or set in a cluster they create a commanding spirit.

Download Classic Collection Spec Sheet

Download Petite Planter Spec Sheet


Petite - 17.8"L x 11.4"W x 22.2"H

Small - 19.7"L x 34.3"W x 26.7"H

Medium - 19.7"L x 30.7"W x 37.7"H

Large - 19.7"L x 29.3"W x 44.8"H


Glass Reinforced Concrete, Plastic


Lava Black, Limestone White, Charcoal, Concrete Gray


South Africa

Care & Maintenance

Style indoors or outdoors in a dry place. 

Best to wipe with damp towel to clean if necessary.

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