Bicycle Cog Globes


kanju’s Bicycle Cog Chandelier is constructed of antique bicycle cogs and inset with copper discs and jewels of reclaimed, tumbled glass in shades of green, blue, and aqua tumbled glass, combining materials from some of kanju’s core collections in one unique and contemporary design. Chandeliers cast dramatic shadows on surrounding walls, and they may be installed as a central point of focus in a room or a hanging sculpture to illuminate a corner.

Dimensions (approx.)




Product Details

  • Arrive WITHOUT installed electric elements, so that you may personalize your chandelier in a way that meets a desired brightness and color effect in your space. Please contact kanju to order a custom lighting kit.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Covered Outdoor use
Globe style chandeliers are made-to-order, are made to order and custom sizing or unique design elements may be requested, please contact kanju to modify dimensions to suit your space. 

Shipping Information

Standard shipping is 1 - 2 weeks, for items listed in stock. For out of stock orders, please allow 8 – 10 weeks (more precise estimates provided upon ordering). View kanju Shipping Policy

Please review our terms and conditions for refund and exchange policy. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. For additional information, contact us.

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