Classic Beni Ourain Berber Rug with Burgundy Accents


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The sandy undertone of the cream wool gives this Beni Ourain an overall earthy, moody vibe. The diamond pattern and tribal motifs throughout the rug are outlined in dark brown, and accented in various shades of pink and mauve.

The Beni Ourain tribal group is made up of 17 smaller tribes that inhabit the Middle Atlas Mountains. Their carpets were made to use as floor coverings and heavy blankets to protect them from harsh mountain winters. Traditionally, Beni Ourain women used live wool for these carpets

Vintage Berber rugs were not made for production, but as functional pieces to be used for many years and passed down through generations. The colors and patterns are a combination of traditional Berber symbolism and the personal expressions of the woman who made it. No two are the same!


122"L x 76"W

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