Copper Disc Chandelier

kanju’s Copper Disc Chandelier is one of our most recognizable, show-stopping designs. Suspended from eight concentric welded steel hoops, tumbled glass jewels in translucent aqua spill into an inset diamond of copper discs which toss and catch light to create a dynamic, ephemeral effect when illuminated from within.

Kanju sources copper from old water heaters found in market stalls across southern Africa for our Copper Disc Chandelier. After artisans strip, melt and cut copper into individual discs, the metal treated to create dynamic surface variations, from bright penny polish to textured teal patina. 

Product Details

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor installation. It acts as a gentle wind chime in the breeze of an outdoor patio and copper discs change over time, deepening into a teal natural patina that can be treated with lemon and salt if a bright warm polish is desired.

Each Copper Disc Chandelier is a decorative sculpture that arrives without installed electric elements so that you may personalize yours in a way that meets a desired brightness and color effect in your space.  Please contact kanju to modify dimensions to suit your space or for electrics consultation. 


Shipping Information

Standard shipping is 10 - 16 weeks; 6 - 12 weeks for smaller or rush orders. Some on the ground stock may be available at 2 - 6 week lead times upon request. ** Shipping on this item is NOT calculated at the checkout due to the unique size, weight, and fragility of this item. You will be notified via email with a calculated shipping cost which will need to be paid prior to dispatch. Please contact us, for additional information. 

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