Cork Hyena Skull


The hyena is well known throughout the animal kingdom for it’s role as the world’s most infamous scavenger, but make no mistake...the hyena is a strong and clever predator. This is an astonishing African Hyena skull is hand-carved solid cork. Available in dark and light cork.


Large 15" L x 7.9" H x 9.45" W (Approx.)
Medium 12.6" L x 6.7" H x 7.9" W (Approx.)
Small 10.6" L x 6.3" H x 6.7" W (Approx.)

Product Details 

Please note that each skull is hand-crafted and therefore unique/one-off pieces. 

Custom sizes available on request. Click here to Request a quote.

Shipping Information 

Standard shipping is 6 - 10 weeks. Additional shipping costs might be incurred post purchase. Should you reject the freight quote, we will refund the entire order. View kanju Shipping Policy

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