Deco Patterned Tikar Crescent Bangles


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Mounted Tikar Clay Beaded Crescent Bangles are made by the Tikar of Cameroon, a group that is part of the Bantu Cameroon-Bamileke people in southern Africa. Originally made as a piece of jewelry to be worn, most Tikar Beaded Bangles today are made as decorative pieces for display, as their vibrant glass beads in a simple circle form create a striking visual impact. To create each bangle, a solid ring of clay is fired and then overlaid with individually placed strands of glass seed beads.

 Style your Tikar Clay Beaded Crescent Bangle atop a stack of coffee table books or nestled into a group of picture frames. A standalone piece, these bangles are lovely gift items available in a variety of colors. Includes iron display stand.

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