Elongated Chandelier

Long, lean and ever so lovely. The Elongated clay beaded chandelier is especially designed for tall, double volume spaces. Whether you have high ceilings or a large void like a  stairwell that needs a statement pendant, this design mixes classic and traditional chandelier design, with contemporary and modern detail.

To create the magic, we’ve added double side swags and detachable glass ‘crystals’. Plus, a belly band and top band that can either be a ‘solid’ color (i.e. like the rest of your light) or another color for an eye catching contrast.

Additional Information & Shipping 

Can be custom made to various sizes, designs, and colors. Click here to Request a quote.

All designs are wired and conform to all international electrical standards, globes are not included. Please note that because our beads are porous, some absorb colors more than others, creating a textured look we adore. Indoor and Covered Outdoor use. 

Standard shipping is 6 - 10 weeks.

Category: South Africa

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