Hamed Ouattara Gongosso Console


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This steel console by artist and furniture designer Hamed Ouattara, founder of Studio Hamed Ouattara, is handmade in Burkina Faso of recycled oil drums and reclaimed sheet metal. Through the artist’s raw mixed-media creations, he aims to bring out design that exposes the realities of modern Africa. About his work Outtara says, ‘My goal is to provide a key point in a continent which suffers from imports and all kinds of imitation furniture, especially of poor quality and which does not reflect our culture.’ Studio Hamed Ouattar, is based in Ouagadougou, the buzzing capitol of Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is known for two things: its metalworking heritage and its frequent power outages. Thus, to avoid glitches in production processes that require electricity and electric tools, the artist makes all of his pieces by hand in his studio, hammering and manually reshaping oil drums and wrecked cars.

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