Handwoven Geometric Tablemat

Beautiful and strong. Handwoven, this Tablemat is a piece of art containing a very intricate weaving from Sisal and local Sweet Grass. Each item is flat and can take up to several days to complete.

Though this item can be used for many uses, every Tablemat contains a sewn loop on the back which allows it to be hung on a wall for an ascetic purpose. It can be more ascetically pleasing to group multiple products together due to their varying design and color contrasts.

Style it in any room for a globally inspired feel. This beautiful wall plate is the perfect size as a stand alone piece or pair it with our large baskets and trays to create an eye-catching basket-wall.

Product Details

Since this item is made of natural fibers and grass, we do not recommend submerging in water, or washing with water. If the basket becomes dirty, consider wiping it, or executing dry cleaning methods.

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