Internal Gaze Sculpture


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Born in 1975, Vengai Chiwawa is a contemporary Shona artist renown for his imagery of women. Son of respected first generation sculptor, Edward Chiwawa, Vengai started to carve his own small sculptures at by the age of 8. Vengai’s works are deeply influenced by woman because of the important role he feels they play in society and because “women represent a vital life force whose strength, resilience and gentleness must be respected.” Vengia believes that there is much that still needs to be done to improve women’s lives and hopes that his art will contribute to that goal.

Expressive and beautifully executed, Vengai’s sculptures are full of emotion. They explore philosophical themes about the stages of life and the importance of memories. Vengai’s sculptures have been purchased by galleries and collectors in Germany, the US, the UK, Holland, Belgium, and Canada

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