Kavango Bowl


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Handwoven by women living in the north and north-eastern regions of Namibia.

These baskets are rooted in an agricultural tradition where they are used to harvest pearl millet or maize but more recently the women weave them as an important livelihood option.

The young fronds of a palm are split into narrows strips and used as is or dyed beforehand by boiling substances like rust from old tins, aloe leaves, berries, roots, bark and leaves. Then the palm is wrapped around an inner coil of grass to create bowl-shaped baskets.

The Kavango weavers have taken their weaving into the realm of art. The design of each basket is totally unique and a vehicle for their maker's creativity.

  • Each is one-of-a-kind and possesses its own unique personality. Variations between items received and images shown can occur. To choose our current inventory, images can be requested here.

  • Small - 9.5"D x 3"H 

    Medium - 10.5D" x 4.5"H

    Extra Large - 14"D x 5"H

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