Shongololo Stripe Rug


This soft yet sturdy reversible rug is made from the wool of the Karakul Sheep,  a breed found in Namibia and in the Northern Cape of South Africa, known for its ability to forage and thrive under harsh conditions.

The varying natural colors of the wool provides a stunning complexity to is simplicity The ideal match for these natural rugs is wood flooring, concrete and natural floor coverings. The wool is bound by a very long fiber and is spun and woven to ensure a rug that will last a lifetime.

Product Details

  • Soft, sturdy and ideal for high traffic areas of the home
  • The color does not diminish over time
  • The purity of the yarn allows for a beautiful all natural rug
  • Karakul rugs will last for many years and can be restored
  • Naturally fire resistant and will not carry flame
  • Suitable for hot and cold climates
  • Karakul is cool in summer and warm in winter
  • High lanolin content protects the rugs against stains

Product Specifications

  • Type of manufacture – hand spun | handwoven
  • Fiber composition – 100% karakul wool weft | pure cotton warp
  • Aspect – flat weave or tufted
  • Backing – fully reversible
  • Total mass – approx. 3-4kg per m2
  • Thickness – approx. .47- .55in
  • Classification for use – residential | commercial indoors

Shipping Information
Standard shipping is 8 – 12 weeks, depending on size, pattern, and weavers' pipeline. Rush orders possible but may have additional fees involved -- please inquire on the possibility of rush orders (4 - 8 weeks)Please contact us, for additional information.