Safari Suede Pillow


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Hearty suede with a gently stippled surface is hand painted in Lesotho by artisans drawing inspiration from wildlife in the African savanna. Metallic and matte paint is absorbed by soft pig skin suede in designs that are as alluring up close as they are bold and classic from a distance as an instant reference to traditional themes associated with Africa.


22"L x 22"H

Sizes may be approximate; Please contact a sales representative for assistance if your space limitations demand a more specific L x W x H.


Suede, Metallic and Matte Paint


Copper Giraffe - Tan, Copper

Ombre Thatch - Tan, Copper, Maroon

Zebra - Tan, Indigo



Care & Maintenance

Dust with a microfiber cloth to clean if necessary. Style indoors in a dry place.

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