Signature Organic Coffee Table

Made to order by only our most skilled artisans and with no two designs the same, these tables are adorned in eggshell that’s laid piece-by-tiny-piece onto the pebble-shaped fiberglass form, taking many days of highly skilled workmanship. Some designs include inlays in brass, copper or pewter and the tables are finished with a wooden base and feet and are filled with fire retardant material that also gives the table a nice, solid feel.

One of AVOOVA’s most distinctive designs, this organic coffee table is all about smooth, curved lines and warm textures concealing an astonishing strength and durability. Inspired by pebbles in the dry river beds of the Karoo, this table’s pleasing lines are in stark contrast to the powerful forces of nature that created such shapes over millions of years. With its heat- and water-resistant qualities, this coffee table is not just beautiful but resilient.

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