Tuareg Brass Springboks

Noble, whimsical, and mysterious animals inhabit African landscapes and evoke storybook imaginings across the globe. Kanju’s bronze & brass figure tabletop collection features metal cast figures from the African savanna. These elegant pieces are each made individually and by hand by the nomadic Tuareg people of the southern Sahara.

These wandering tribes, known for many millennia for their skill in making intricate metal pieces, send traders out to sell their artisan wares to the broader world only once or twice per year... as a result, we never know exactly when we will be able to meet the traders or find more, or when they may switch to a new form or figure. That makes these pieces particularly special collectibles, reminiscent of the trading patterns and treasures that have crossed through Timbuktu, Mali, for hundreds of years and, in this instance, still do...

Category: animal, collectible, Mali, metal

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