Wireframe Waterfall Pendants


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kanju's Wire Frame collection bring together some of kanju’s signature materials-- ethically sourced copper, recycled tumbled glass, and antique bicycle cogs, in a contemporary design that engages subtle geometry and effortless luxury. Each piece features streams of tumbled glass linked together with either copper or steel wire. Intermingled with copper discs polished to a bright penny shine or textured teal patina, streamers of glass flow like water through a suspended wire frame cage and some styles are constructed using antique bicycle cogs.

Perfect for either indoor or outdoor installation, as centerpiece chandeliers or hanging sculptures that illuminate a special corner of a room, kanju’s Tumbled Glass collection features materials and construction that makes these pieces durable and easy to clean.

Product Details

Lantern styles are available to order in groups up to six as these pieces are smaller and make a stunning impact in a larger group. You may order fewer of the lanterns, however and design a combination of your own.

Please contact us to discuss a custom commission using kanju’s Tumbed Glass collection design guidelines. Alterations to diameter and length may be made to featured pieces, however we also welcome full custom commissions that engage entirely new designs to bring your vision to life.

Shipping Information

** Shipping on this item may NOT calculated at the checkout due to the unique size, weight, and fragility of this item. You will be notified via email with a calculated shipping cost which will need to be paid prior to dispatch. Please contact us, for additional information. 

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