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Kanju Team



Caroline’s work at kanju is informed by an obsession with textiles and a background in brand development and production for conceptual luxury brands in the fashion industry. She leverages industry experience with a knowledge of materials and processes to aid in product development and dynamic communications inspired by artistic practices that reveal cultural values and unique points of view.

Caroline holds a B.A. from Bennington College in Visual Art with concentrations in moving image and dance.



kanju is the culmination of Meg’s passion for emerging markets and the energy she finds on the ground in Africa working with artists and learning about the continent’s cultural histories. Following more than 12 years of experience working across Africa in the cocoa and coffee industries as well as in renewable energy, she is now driven to bring African artistry to the forefront of the global design stage.

Meg holds a dual M.B.A. from Columbia Business School and London Business School, an M.S. in Finance from Baruch College, and a B.A. from Southern Methodist University in Environmental Geology.



Oscar is passionate about curating dramatic interior spaces and connecting fellow luxury lovers with the right pieces to bring their vision to life. His work at kanju is motivated by a fascination with the unique and extraordinary, and his discerning eye has been sharpened by more than 20 years of sales experience working with premiere designers and home goods brands in the American southwest and in Mexico.

Oscar holds a B.A. from the School for the Art Institute of Houston in Fashion Marketing.