The Beginning of Kanju Interiors

kanju Interiors is a vision that has been a long time in the making, and we are so very proud and excited to introduce ourselves to you. My personal journey with kanju began several years ago, long before it had a name or was even a fully drawn idea…. You see, I have had the tremendous privilege to work across the continent of Africa since the very beginning of my career more than a decade ago, and I have spent time in 20 some-odd African countries (and still trying to get to them all!). Early on, I fell head over heels in love with Africa’s cultures and arts, and made it a point whenever possible to plan at least a tiny portion of my business trips to visit local markets and workshops and collect stunning little treasures to bring home with me. I’ve received many compliments over the years on these items and artworks, and I’ve never tired of gifting pieces to friends and family that always receive a warm and awed reception…


Now, at long last, kanju is born, and Africa’s finest décor and most pioneering artisans can be represented in your home, too! Having cultivated relationships throughout the continent for years, and with a commitment to continue evolving and growing our collections, we can ensure you access to a dynamic selection of hand crafted works representing a diverse variety of African countries and cultures. As we journey across Africa to be your virtual, exclusive guide to its talent and treasures, we hope you will join us along the way by checking in with us on our website, social media, and by joining our email subscription.

Beyond being completely enamored with the artworks and incredibly proud of our kanju Interiors team for getting us to this point, there is another part of our story that brings me tremendous pride, and that is the pride of knowing that our efforts in connecting markets across the globe create stable, ethical, sustainable work for those living in vulnerable rural regions. Many of our artisans would struggle to find steady employment beyond sustenance agriculture without having to travel or move long distances. By sharing their talent with kanju and by extension, with you, they are instead able to build stable lives, stable families, become role models and significant contributors to their communities, and take individual pride in work that brings them joy and empowers them to share their culture, their talent and themselves with the world. As much as we are inspired by them, they too, gain inspiration and joy in working with us and sharing their art with people and places far away. We are humbled to be a part of their lives and communities and to be able to represent and impact their artistic passions. In addition to information about our dynamic Collections and business announcements, we will occasionally share stories and profiles of our incredible artisans and their communities, and we hope you will be as moved by these as we are, and feel that you, too, are part of our artisans lives and the fabric of their environment and inspiration every time you gaze at one of your kanju pieces in your own home.

As the icing on the cake, a large majority of our works are made at least in part by using recycled materials, and all our works are sustainably made. The kanju spirit of “making more with less” is quite literally embodied by our works of art, and the careful process or sourcing and selecting particular materials are part of the magic, authenticity and high artistic value bestowed on each kanju Interiors piece.

As we prepare already for another long journey to some of our favorite places (Zambia, Malawi and South Africa this time around!), we wish you the warmest of welcomes. We hope that you will join us along the way by keeping up with us here, and indulge in a little bit of artistic inspiration yourself. We are inspired by African talent, and empowering African brilliance…. And we look forward to you being a part of that as well.