Iya Ni Wura: Mother Is Gold

Iya Ni Wura: Mother Is Gold

A Note From The Founder:

When I think of my own beloved Mother and all that mothers embody and represent, the words that stand out above all are “love” and “nurture.” Motherly love and nurturing are so fundamental to our existence and to our hearts, they take on a universal understanding that crosses not only cultural boundaries, but even extends to the animal world and the deepest realms of spirituality. As we cherish, acknowledge and celebrate our mothers this year, it is worth taking a moment to acknowledge how we all can embody, give and receive the sacred characteristics of motherhood through love and nurturing. Particularly in this time of crisis, we have been individually and collectively nurtured by selfless healthcare professionals, tireless essential workers, our neighbors, our pets, and friends from afar. We have found solace in one another, and we have had to dig deep to provide love and nurturing even for ourselves, remembering that self-care is also reflective of mother-like love. At various moments, both the mother and child within us has been awakened, needing to be loved, nurtured and cared for, and then needing to be all of those things to somebody else.

At kanju, we are fortunate to work with a number of people who inspire and nurture us. Many of our suppliers and design groups are women-owned and led businesses, and many of the talented creators and artisans are mothers themselves. This month, as we celebrate our own mothers and the beauty of motherhood worldwide, we wanted to share a few extra-special stories about the nurturing women and mothers who make up our extended kanju family. Keep caring for each other, and we love you, Mamas! 


Meg Bartos, kanju Founder