kanju's handcraft promise


At kanju, we provide clients with premiere access to original artworks, and exquisite limited edition collections that are as fresh and vibrant as they are exclusive. We guarantee each work in our collection is produced by hand in processes that  utilize local and sustainable materials and often call on traditional production techniques and preserved heritage craft. From ceramics and planters to textural hand-woven rugs and organic hand-felted vessels, kanju maintaining continual direct communications with our artist and we know first when an artist is producing new pieces. 

Because each of kanju's designs are handcrafted, each work is unique as slight variations are inherent in the production process. In addition, some artworks may be originals that represent an artist's style or similar series, but may not be guaranteed available. Please contact us with inquiries about any pieces, to customize a work in our collection, commission an artwork by one of kanju's artist, or propose a project in planters from our Prestige planter collection.