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Binga Nongo Baskets kanju interiors hand woven function artisan gourd traditional grain storage water carrying basket inconsistency unstructured shape unique one of a kind geometric pattern neutral organic natural rustic natural ilala palm cocoa Zimbabwe imperfect table top decor intricate accent plant pot vessel decor
Binga Blonde Flat Baskets kanju interiors luxury African home décor restaurant hotel lobby office wall basket wall shallow basket indoor outdoor hand woven handwoven grass modern contemporary traditional durable sustainable stylish contemporary boho rustic home goods gift unique natural elegant eclectic ilala palm Zimbabwe statement coffee table catch all small medium large extra large cream
Baby Buhera Basket kanju interiors intricate handwoven basket firm Zimbabwe fine woven cane water reed sturdy durable natural customize color stripe accent decor natural floor outdoor indoor decorative hand made one of a kind unique basket vessel table top organic versatile boho bohemian
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Porcupine Storage Basket - Kanju Interiors
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Natural Ivory