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Give any room a facelift and extra personality with these Makenge baskets. Perfect for adding detail to walls, desks, and other areas of your home. Westerners have been admiring the beauty of these intricately woven baskets since 1871 when they first arrived on the continent. Still today, demand for Makenge baskets remains high because people appreciate their distinctive qualities and an authenticity not found anywhere else. Each basket has its own story to tell and should be treated as a family heirloom or proudly displayed in your home office.

In a centuries-old tradition, new brides in Zambia are given a handwoven basket made from the Makenge bush's roots. Only the most skilled craftswomen in the village can weave these baskets, each taking an estimated two months to create. The fiber is the tough root of a local bush that has been boiled and dyed with natural plant dyes. Each basket features unique, one-of-a-kind patterns that convey messages of beauty, marriage, and family.


Medium - 15.5" - 20" D

Large - 20" - 24" D


Makenge bush's roots



Each is one-of-a-kind and possesses its own unique personality. Variations between items received and images shown can occur.


South Africa

Care & Maintenance

Clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

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