April 29, 2020

Africa Praised for their Management of COVID-19

Africa Praised for their Management of COVID-19 - Kanju Interiors

Africa Praised for its Management of COVID-19: Reopening Soon

Thankfully so far, African nations have not been as affected by COVID-19 as other regions of the world. Rates of infection tend to be lower, as do death rates, and while there is concern about a lack of data to provide a full picture, it seems there is genuine reason for optimism. Listening to a medical and policy panel recently held by the Africa Center out of New York, it was interesting to here some cautious speculation as to why Africa may be spared the worst of COVID-19. Theories include more natural immunity, a larger portion of the population being inoculated against tuberculosis, to the climate simply being less accommodating, which is a pattern also seen with the common cold and flu.

Speculations aside, African leaders, and particularly President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, have been widely praised for taking swift, early and definitive action to halt the spread of infections. Although we are cautious that Africa could still face the brunt of the impact in coming weeks, things are poised to begin reopening in May, and we hold on to the hope that Africa will avoid the devastation we have seen here in the US and in Europe.

For now, while quarantines are still in place, there are shipping delays. However, we expect these to ease soon and already have a shipping schedule in place May-July to combat bottlenecks. Finally, we have some wonderful specials on offer both for our stock here in the US, as well as for any production orders placed by the end of May. While we cannot know exactly how everything will play out, Africa seems set to weather this storm well, and we are proud to continue bringing you the same beautiful, inspired designs and quality customer service that you have come to expect from us.