Shop Global; Locally - Kanju in Roanoke

September 07, 2021

Shop Global; Locally - Kanju in Roanoke

Welcome to the Shop Global; Locally Series!

Here at Kanju, we love to showcase how African Luxury is making its way into stores, homes, and communities all around the country, and what better way than to let some of the most stylish retailers tell you everything they love about it! In this series of newsletters and blogs we will be shining the spotlight onto some of our fabulous retail partners and letting them tell you a bit about their business, their design style, and their favorite Kanju products! 

Wyndrose Boutique - Roanoke, VA

Global, Local, Sustainable. 

Born from a love of travel, owner Rachelle Walker has long wanted to create a space that would encompass her passions of design and social good. From home design to fashion & art, everything we showcase supports Fair Trade initiatives, sustainable, eco-friendly design & local up & coming artists - from every corner of the globe.

During the Colonial period, what we now call Roanoke served as an important and bustling hub of trails and roads. Tucked in the valley and ridge province of Virginia, it is immediately west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of the Alleghenies. Today, it still serves as a hub of activity and innovation. Roanoke offers award winning outdoor amenities, trails, museums, charming old neighborhoods, restaurants, breweries and curated one of a kind shopping. If you are ever in the area visiting, please stop in to Wyndrose Boutique and say hello to Rachelle!

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Q: What is your background and how did Wyndrose come about?

A: Wyndrose has been a long-time dream of mine. I studied merchandising and design as an undergrad before taking a detour working in nonprofits in DC. But I always knew I wanted to combine my design aesthetic with high quality, social good and fair made décor that could show the beauty of various cultures in the world. 

Q: What is your store aesthetic / vibe?

A: ​​​​​​​Upscale boho. Global aesthetic, mixing styles, layering textures and patterns. 

Q: What is the aesthetic of most of your clientele and where are they located?

A: Most of our clientele is local to the region. We get a large number of travelers passing through from larger cities that love the mix of global vibes and practical home décor. 


"We believe in bringing beautiful pieces together, creating exceptional spaces & supporting remarkable people."

- Rachelle Walker

Q:​​​ How has COVID affected your business/ showroom opening? 

A: We were lucky to open in March 2021, so we caught some of the optimism of the reopening, but business has been slow to return to the downtown area we are located in and now there is a concern going into the fall/winter around the surges. Only time will tell. 

Q:​​​ Has COVID affected your ordering and lead times in regards to freight and shipping issues? How? 

A: We are definitely hurting due to delayed shipping, items being out of stock etc . With so much of our product being international we are hit hard when India, Cambodia and other countries are hit with another wave of Covid. The freight costs are continuing to be a problem as margins are squeezed tighter. 

Q:​​​ What trends are you seeing in home design and what are your clients asking for?

A: Big trend in outdoor living pieces. Being able to take advantage of outdoor greenspace. And people love knowing the stories behind our products, feeling as if you know where your money is going and who you are supporting is becoming more and more important.  

Q: What are your personal favorite kanju products and do they mimic your client favorites or are they different? 

A: We absolutely love the felt wool bowls, vases etc. and the Ilala gourds! They are so unique and such beautiful shapes. Are customers are definitely struck by their beauty and they seem to be selling well. 



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