November 20, 2018

Sleek, Modern, Timeless

kanju leather travel Bags

Sleek, Modern, Timeless

Travel in style this Holiday Season with our New Travel Collection

Brought to life in the savanna city of Lusaka, Zambia, our handmade, bespoke, ruggedly-elegant Nguni leather goods are certain to become your most trusted travel companions, savvy business partners and stylish accessories. Our leather is a hand-picked, tough and resistant full-grain which is beautiful, long-lasting and tanned in small batches using a traditional and natural vegetable tanning process that yields a gorgeous array of classic neutrals and surprising bright colors.


kanju sources local Nguni leather in Zambia, one of the highest quality leathers in the world, soft and highly durable offering comfort and luxury for all seasons. Nguni cattle are descendants of the Zebu cattle brought into Zambia by the migrating Ngoni tribe around 1835. They are an iconic and oft depicted animal in the region, known for the males’ unique hump on the backs of their neck.

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