8 Simple Ways to Bring In the Outdoors

8 Simple Ways to Bring In the Outdoors

Whatever the season, the outdoors always offers a serene appeal to humans, and it’s no surprise that there’s an increased interest in having our homes reflect the calming elements of the natural world. While our social feeds are full of beautiful planters and organic textures, this week we’d like to dive in a bit deeper — touching on everything from architecture to accents.

Whether you’re always looking for you next, brightly colored maximalist print or you’ve held steadfast to your affinity for minimalism, there’s a way to make this trend work for you. Any size space can be enriched by a touch of natural—often the smallest spaces benefit most from a little exterior influence. Below, you’ll find a myriad of ways to turn your indoor space into an ode to outdoor oases and embrace all nature has to offer.

1. Select a Specific Room

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If you’re into the idea of adding a little more of the outside world into your home, but not redoing every area, try transforming one specific room. A smaller more impactful space like a bathroom, entry way, or reading nook is an easy way to experiment with new trends without dealing with a master bedroom or a living room.

2. Focus on the Perfect Palette

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When you’re opting for a nature-inspired approach, bright jewel-toned shades and poppy neon hues aren't really the way to go, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forego beautiful touches of color. If the coast is calling your name, soft tans, grays, and a range of blues are a good way to go. Forest-lovers can pounce on deep greens and a multitude of browns. Desert dwellers will find respite in ochres, rusts, and muddy reds. There’s a perfect indoor palette for every outdoor taste.

3. Use Natural Flooring

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Wood, cork, bamboo are all flooring materials that feel warm, natural and inviting under foot. By bringing these flooring choices into your home, your body will appeal to the organic elements of natural flooring, instead of cold man-made materials.


4. Bring in Earthy Textures

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For a space reminiscent of the great outdoors, find textiles and accent pieces that embody nature’s colors and patterns. Select a couple of cozy throws that resemble ground coverings in a forest. Even a jute rug is a gentle nod to warmer days of breezy outdoor living. Look no further than a wicker pendant lamp for a unique statement piece that feels organic.

5. Utilize Wood and Stone

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One of the wonderful things about embracing this trend is that it doesn’t take much to recreate. An accent piece like a wood slab coffee table or a slate stone counter top are chic, yet refined ways of embracing organic elements.

6. Entice your Senses with Outdoor Cues

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Woodsy incense, and floral potpourri scents are always a treat. Sounds of rain, wind, and the beach are used in luxury spas to make the body feel relaxed and in tune with nature.

This same feeling can be brought into your home. Sprinkle plants in your shower or above the sink. Embellish with tropical print wallpapers. Even hanging art that reflects the ocean's blue or pink sand can echo nature's boldest tones.

7. Punctuate With Plants and Other Natural Items

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We all love a good fig tree or snake plant in our home. But, if you’re looking beyond the scope of leafy, yet searching for something lively, try things like crystals and gems, dried botanicals, pinecones, and seashells to breathe some life into your space.

8. Use Colors that are Inspired by the Outdoors

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Greens remind us of the earth, grass and plants. Blues are refreshing like water and the sky. Yellows evoke a sense of freshness, hinting at thoughts of the sun and fresh flowers. Neutral tones such as whites, tans and beiges make your interiors feel natural and clean. Use these colors on your walls, window coverings, bedding, and decor..