The Beauty & History of Moroccan Rugs

The Beauty & History of Moroccan Rugs

Discover our Vast Collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Handwoven by master artisans and curated from all over Morocco.

The art of weaving is sacred in Morocco, deeply rooted in its cultural traditions for thousands of years. The art is passed from generation to generation, and each region has signature patterns and weave styles. Moroccan families consider the rugs investments, keeping and caring for them for many years as a sort of family savings account, selling them to achieve certain milestones, such as purchasing a home or providing a child with higher education.

 To purchase one of our vintage Moroccan rugs is to become a part of that rug's living history, of its treasured story, and of the investments and opportunity it has provided across generations. If well cared for, Moroccan rugs continue to hold their value and even increase value over time, so they are truly timeless treasures within your home. 

Rhama, curator of our GRACE Rugs Collection, shares her story:

"I come from a very small Berber village in the southeast of Morocco. Every household has a room that was specific to weaving rugs, and my grandmother's house was no exception. I remember how much fun it was for me to learn to weave with her. There is quite a bit of mathematics involved as we had to count how many strands to tie a knot on, and use geometry to make a design.  

My father also had an eye for authentic, handmade, and unique crafts, and at a very early age he taught me the history of Morocco -- the geography and the unique traditions of each region, from language to cuisine, to music and attire. Later on, I developed the same love for handmade, natural, and authentic things, and I believe that the masterpieces of any interior are rugs.

As I travel throughout Morocco to source my rugs, I have continued learning. I am marveled each and every time. Each is unique, like a fingerprint, but like a fingerprint of the entire family and its history and culture." 

Shown above, clockwise starting from top left: Multi-Diamond Beni Ouarain Berber Rug with Fringe, Mermousha Fuschia Accented Rug, 80's Punk Boucharouite Rug, and New Generation Plush Beni Rug.
With an extensive variety of sizes, colors, and styles, our GRACE Vintage Moroccan Rug Collection has something perfect for any space.