One-of-a-Kind and Woven in Tradition

One-of-a-Kind and Woven in Tradition

Create a Conversation with our Beautiful Ilala Garlic Gourd Baskets 


"Perfectly Imperfect" and organic in shape, no two are the same, and this natural variation makes each setting unique and draws attention from everyone who sees them. First shown at the Architectural Digest Show in New York 2019, these unique decorative baskets have been in high demand since, and they show beautifully as single pieces, as clusters on the floor or a landing space, within shelved wall arrangements, or as hanging arrangements. 

With their stunningly unique, organic shape, and handwoven, one of a kind construction, it is easy to see the appeal of these gorgeous decorative baskets from Zimbabwe. Being lightweight, they are easily hung with just a bit of wire and picture frame hangers for a unique, sculptural statement wall, perhaps along a stairway corridor or over an entry table. The options are truly endless... let your creativity shine! 

Natural fiber weaving is among mankind's most ancient traditions and talents. Often utilizing invasive grass species and a long form, traditional weaving technique practiced for many generations, the natural fibers used to create these pieces form a subtle, striped variation in color that further enhanced their rare shape. The materials and styles vary between different ethnic and cultural groups, and we aim to represent a diverse selection that nevertheless imparts a cohesive aesthetic for easy mixing and matching. Refined designs and traditional skills create a harmonious marriage of form and function, and the beautiful organic materials provide a sense of tasteful timelessness.

In design, they are used to create gorgeous clusters that draw the eye to open, unused spaces or create a welcome arrangement alongside an entry, hallway or set of stairs. They are also commonly used to create eye-catching wall installations and hold their shape over time. Truly, the only limit is the imagination.

This range of organic, natural baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are made without a template or mold so each one is completely unique. This extensive collection promises a basket perfect for anyone and any space.