Hand-Felted Décor Filled With Warmth & Style

Hand-Felted Décor Filled With Warmth & Style

Hand Felted Baskets, Throws, Pillows, and Accessories to Add Some Warmth and Texture

Hand made from the dyeing to the felting to enhance the organic style.

This collection of felt bowls, vases, baskets, throws, pillows, and accessories are all handmade with love in South Africa by a talented group of female artisans. Made to be long lasting and durable yet stylish and organic, this hand felted collection includes some of the most popular items kanju has to offer. Ranging from larger baskets, perfect to store pillows or throws, to smaller bowls, which make for great planters, to luxurious scarfs and elegant throws, this collection offers something perfect for everyone and every space. 

Each piece tells a story, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that soothing and enticing; it pulls you in and wraps you in a calming comfort that turns your home into a sanctuary. The felted textiles are made from 100% Karakul and Merino wools, all sustainably sourced to create an organic and incredibly soft material that feels as wonderful as it looks. 

Possibly the most unique pieces of the hand felted collection are the Eco-print pillows and throws. The Eco-printing patterns are made through a method of bundling leaves and other plants in fabric, and steaming the bundle to print the flora's natural pigments and patterns onto the fabric. This method means that every pillow or throw has a completely unique design and color pallet that can never be replicated or copied, making each piece the very definition of the word 'unique'. It is an all natural dying technique that has been used all around the globe for hundreds of years to dye or tint fabric. 

Shown above, starting from left: Eco-Print Felt PillowLayered Felt Pillow, Tribal Lines Gourds, Slatted Circle PillowEclipse Hand Felted Scarf, and Adire Runner

Highly unique, decorative accent pieces, they are easy to clean, versatile, and functional, often used as catch-alls, jewelry holders, planters, storage for towels or throws, general bathroom items, toys or fruit bowls… the possibilities are endless!