A Look Back @ 2022

A Look Back @ 2022

We made so many big changes in 2022, it's hard to believe we actually fit it all in! Each year we strive to be better, and we are so grateful for your continued support as we work to keep growing with you in the future. Thank you so much. Join us as we reminisce on this past years events.

Shop Local

Now you can find kanju at a store near you. We are thrilled to have a number of new partnerships with fabulous local retailers around the country, bringing beloved kanju collections in person to cities throughout the US and supporting local businesses nationwide. kanju artisan products are now available in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and even the UK!

Coming soon, we will have a "Shop Local" listing on our website to discover all of these beautiful local stores. If you have any favorite local spots that you think should carry kanju, please let us know by reaching out to sales@kanjuinteriors.com. By partnering with local businesses, we hope to get even closer to you in 2023.

Wholesale Partner 📸: @annxhome

Wholesale Partner 📸: @shopthestable

New location 

1137 Conveyor Lane, Suite 114
Dallas, Texas 75247

ICYMI, earlier this year we finally moved into some new office digs! For months we looked for the perfect space to expand our offices and shipping facilities to better serve our customers. Needless to say, the move was a doozy, but we've been settled in for a few months now and are able to work so much better― faster and more organized shipping, more inventory on hand to fill orders quickly, and dock space that helps us keep costs down so that we can pass along those savings to you.

We are open to the public M-F 10:30am - 4:30pm (national holidays excluded), and we always welcome a visit! Even better, you can shop right out of our warehouse inventory, find deeply discounted samples and one-of-a-kind pieces that are not available online, and enjoy a 15% discount when "shopping off the floor" (all sales final).

New Team Members 

We have been so lucky to add Nicole and Liberty to our team this year! These two amazing women have made kanju even better, stronger and more fun than ever, and we're just so grateful to have them. Nicole moved from Chicago and joined as our Marketing Specialist, and Liberty recently joined us to assist in logistics and fulfillment, customer service, and marketing while she continues to work towards her degree in marketing. 

New Product Lines

As usual, we launched a few new fabulous products and lines this year. We will do a deeper dive on these new releases as we move into 2023, but below are a couple of launches that we thought were particularly special.

New collab with planter manufacturer, Plantr in South Africa. We soft launched this incredible new brand in September, and you'll be hearing lots more about them in 2023. We have lots to say about this incredible, sustainable, stylish range for indoors and out, and it's not too soon to start planning spring gardens and get a jump on ordering for outdoor refreshes. Read more here.

New DIY and kitchen offerings... we are looking all over for unique products that involve a bit more "doing". While we know a number of you are brilliant home décor DIYers, we wanted to offer a bit more to nurture your hobbies.

Shop New DIY & Kitchen offerings:

Let us know what other DIY options you'd like to see in 2023.

Coming Soon

More product plans and designs are coming soon, be on the lookout for a review about what is next for us in 2023, and what fabulous new things there are to look forward to. In particular, we will be adding more colorful patterns and designs within our collections, and we are actively expanding our collection of products for entertaining and serving (tablescapes, servers and glassware, OH MY!). Within just a few weeks, we will also be introducing several more sustainable, hand carved wood products and décor thanks to a new partnership on the horizon.

Next Up for 2023

In addition to launching more new products soon, and we are eagerly anticipating restocks of our most popular goods from 2022. Our first restock arrives at the end of January, in just a couple of weeks! Be on the lookout for announcements via social media, exclusive first-access via our SMS program or check out our new arrivals and back in stock collections at your convivence.

We have more big plans for the coming year, and we are grateful to have you on this journey with us.... umtu ngumtu ngabantu

XOXO, Team kanju