3 Style Tips for Hand-Felted Planters

3 Style Tips for Hand-Felted Planters

A common questions we get with our felt pieces is if our hand-felted vases and vessels are suitable for holding potted plants. Our latest request was by a customer―Sharon A. only a few weeks ago. With Spring around the corner we though it would be the perfect time to start a new blog series called "You Asked, We Answered" and make sure we go into more detail about this question in a blog, where it will continue to live, if you ever need it as a reference. 

One thing we love about all of our pieces is how multi-functional they are. Our hand-felted vessels, specifically, can be styled in so many fun ways. This Spring we are loving them for plant holders. #JointheJourney with us as we dive into all the details of why our felt pieces are perfect as plant holders, how to properly plant in them, and what felt is perfect for your space.

olive ukhamba bowl

1. Why you should use felt as a plant holder

The wool naturally helps regulate the temperature of the plant roots, and the naturally antimicrobial characteristics help protect against any mold. You can even dab a few drops of lemon or clove oil to keep fruit flies and other insects at bay in an eco-friendly way.

hand felted vases

2. How to place the plants inside while protecting the felt

Felt is naturally moisture resistant, but they can absorb water if there is enough of it; best practice is to layer a few folded paper towels or use a plant drainage saucer in the bottom of the vessel. This helps soak up any extra liquids when watering as an added precaution to avoid soil stains. The good news is, if dirty, they can be emptied and easily turned inside out to get rid of any dry material, and dry cleaned if they require a deeper clean (We've never had to, but it's possible!).

ugc harmony ukhamba bowl from south africa

"Using the hand-felted pieces as planters is my favorite way to style them in my home. I love the way the organic woven material complements the plants in such a balanced way. I love to use them for dried flowers too." - Meg Bartos, Founder of kanju interiors 

meg with hand felted pieces and plants

 3. Felt pieces for your space

The Ukhamba bowls are the perfect option for small plants, the top opening is not very big (about 3-4 inches), so select a plant with a plastic nursery pot that can fit inside. If you want a larger, shallower look, like a succulent garden perhaps, the Ghana Bowls would be great for that. The Felted Table Vase also has a wider opening and it great for a taller plant. There are even larger styles such as the Tribal Repeat Baskets, Fringed Mohair, Ingobozi, JupiterEclipse Gourd and Felted Floor Vases that bigger plants can be put in. For the largest felt pieces we recommend putting an old towel in the bottom to further help with absorption in the event of overwatering, just because you'd be dealing with a much larger volume plant and interior container.


hand felted collection