Bogolan Wall Totems: Made In Harmony with Nature

Bogolan Wall Totems: Made In Harmony with Nature

When we saw these beautiful wall scrolls, traditionally handmade from mud cloth textiles, we were struck by the unique design and soulfulness of the pieces. When we read the story about them and the human principles they represent, they captured our hearts completely. 

Read more about these unique pieces below, from AAAA Cooperative in Mali. 



The Bogolan, or Bògòlanfini, is a type of Malian textile art made from hand spun cotton. The minimal, geometric designs that adorn these totems are made through a process of hand painting using natural mud from the Niger river and dyes made from locally grown herbs. 



The native herbs used to dye the cotton are known to hold medicinal properties and, traditionally, the Bogolan was believed to have the power to absorb negative and dangerous forces. That is why a Bogolan is also commonly referred to as ‘medicine cloth’.




Whether styled alone or in a group, these magnificent totems perfect to accent a small section of wall that is maybe to narrow for other artwork. Their impressive height and traditional rolled style allows for the length to be easily customized to fit any space or wall height. Their neutral color pallet blends perfectly into any décor style, while the minimal designs create a sense of modernity. 



The range of patterns and colors offered by the artisans is ever changing so if one of the current styles catches your eye, snatch it up quick because once it's sold out, it might not be back. Shop our full collection of wall totems & other wall décor.