Celebrate the Earth and All its Beauty

Celebrate the Earth and All its Beauty

Natural Beauty, Sustainable Luxury

Everyday is a perfect day to celebrate the Earth, and we know you are picky about the items you bring into your home: what they are made of, how they are made, and how they impact the world.

We are passionate about bringing your luxury artisan products that embody a true inner beauty, using all natural materials and ethical manufacturing. Learn more about some of our most eco-friendly collections.

Organic Cotton Pillows

Our collection of Punch Needle pillows are made from all natural cotton which is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making them an excellent example of how contemporary style can mix perfectly with environmentally friendly materials.

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Wool Hand-Knit Blankets

All of the wool yarn used to create our wool knit blankets are produced by South African farmers, locally spun an dyed in small dye-lots. This natural process means the yarn is never chemically treated so it is safe to curl-up with and maintains its natural biodegradable qualities.

hand knitted heart throw blanket

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Natural Baskets

When we say our baskets are all natural, we mean it! All of the baskets in our collection are handmade with all natural materials and plant fibers, such as water reeds and ilala palm, that are native to South Africa, Madagascar, and other regions.

 garlic gourd basket

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Hand-Felted Vases, Vessels & Baskets

The entire process of making our felt vessels is done by hand, from dyeing through to felting, using organic dyes and wool from the Karakul sheep. This means that our felt vessels are 100% natural and sustainably created, without the use of harsh chemicals or machine manufacturing.

 hand felted nesting bowls

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These are just some of our amazing, sustainable collections so make sure to check out our website to see all of our eco-friendly products.