Spirits Series: Cheers To Sipping Season

Spirits Series: Cheers To Sipping Season

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy couple of weeks, we are thankful that we will be able to rest a little this weekend. Also, now 'tis the season to start to binge holiday movies, so things are going great. Looking forward to all things holiday, wrapping gifts, holiday parties, and cozying up by the tree with spirits in hand. 

Speaking of spirits, we thought we would share with you one of our favorite new cocktails– The Casco Bay Coriander Cocktail by our founder Meg (the sous mixologist) and her partner, master mixologist, Jacob.  

Featuring our new Gin O'Clock Spice Gift Box SetThe moment Meg discovered the Gin O'Clock Spice Set, she knew she had to have one at home. Her partner, Jacob, works at a fabulous craft cocktail bar called Sagamore Hill Lounge and is a phenomenal baker and mixologist. Since gin is arguably his favorite spirit, she knew she would benefit from this experiment–  and now we get to share the results with you.

We hope you enjoy… cheers!

General Instructions

For each infusion, we used 500 ml of gin for the infusion (which is just a little more than 2 cups) and that corresponds to 1/3 tube of the chosen spice–  the perfect amount to fit in a mason jar and let sit overnight so the flavors can work their magic. 

Once the infused gin was ready, they first tried the suggested cocktail preparation that is on the back of the box, with Jacob experimenting to find the perfect balance of recommended ingredients, and then he got creative!

Pro tip: Infuse a few different jars of gin at once, then invite some friends over for an evening of creative concoctions and do your own taste tests! Stay tuned for here for our Spirits Series to see what new creative cocktail infusions Meg and Jacob come with next!

The Casco Bay Coriander Cocktail

1 oz grapefruit juice  

½ oz dry Vermouth  

Garnish with Rosemary  

Serve over ice in a tumbler (or single large ice cube) 

½ oz lemon juice  

¾ oz Rosemary simple syrup  

1.5 oz Coriander-infused gin (we infused this on our own)

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