Tips to Host Happy & Serve in Style

Tips to Host Happy & Serve in Style

'Tis the Season to Entertain

It's that festive time of year again when friends and family come knocking, tables are set, and halls are decked! We asked our team to share some of their favorite ideas for hosting and entertaining, and they didn't disappoint... 
Justine (our Business Development guru and an Interior Designer!) and Meg (our Founder!) share some of their favorite tips for hosting visitors, creating unique tablescapes, and using baskets and décor to make their homes festive and cozy during the holidays!

Although African décor may not be the first idea when thinking about decorating for the holidays, the wide range of natural baskets and organic décor make the perfect backdrop for layering on colors, sharing goodies, and showcasing the special home items and treats that come out this time of year. There are many ways that year-round décor can help create a beautiful table or festive room that works perfectly for Fall, and all the way through the Holidays and winter months. 
Ilala Cream Trays and Betty Trays make beautiful serving and display trays to keep out during the season. When not using them for serving purposes, a felt bowl or woven basket with seasonal sprigs or scented pine cones, or even a few loose ornaments or holiday crafts, adds a pop of decorative color! Add a candle and some small accessories, and you have a gorgeous centerpiece that easily converts to a drink or serving tray.

"I particularly love Jacaranda Wood bowls or white wool Orbit Bowls filled with pinecones... and Buhera Harvest Bowls make the perfect natural, textured bowl to collect holiday cards or serve-yourself candies and treats around the house."  

- Meg

If you are serving a sit-down meal, try Raffia Geo Wall Disc or small Nelisiwe Trays as plate chargers. They lend a fall feel and blend perfectly with patterned china or just simple, classic white dishes. Woven and wood bowls can double as serving bowls or platters, especially with a liner. Think chips, dinner rolls, crackers or even caramel corn! And the brand new Jacaranda Platters make perfect little trays for cheese or sweets! 

For a round table or any focal point in a room, a larger felted basket, such as a Fringed Skirt Mohair or Ghana Basket, makes a beautiful vase for a bunch of poinsettias or small fir tree. That cozy pop of white is a refreshing nod to the snowy paradise we imagine during the holidays, whether or not you live somewhere cold! Even during the winter, there is so much charm in bringing the outdoors and the feel of the season inside. 

"When I have overnight guests, I like to make sure they feel welcome by greeting them with fresh flowers or greenery and a small bowl of sweet treats and bottled waters wherever they will be staying." 

 - Justine 

A great option to store and display sweets, or to provide toiletries or other guest comforts, are one of our small felted Nesting Bowls ‑‑ check out the Berry Ombre for a holiday pop of color! The Munyumbwe Shopping Basket is gorgeous with some fresh flowers laid across it.... Or turn it into a gift itself by adding a small candle and a bottle of wine.

For chilly evenings, I always offer cozy blankets and throws, especially if you are entertaining outside by a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Store blankets thoughtfully in larger baskets. The Giant Munyumbwe Laundry Basket, the Teranga Storage baskets, and the Wonky Matabele Baskets are perfect, sturdy options for outdoors while also being beautiful statement décor. Each of these baskets also make the perfect firewood or kindling holder.

The organic nature of our baskets and wide variety of styles lend themselves perfectly to the holiday season by being functional and helping you stay organized, but also with the option to "dress them up" with additional decorations. You pretty much can't go wrong!

So give one, or all, of these entertaining ideas a shot this season and welcome your guests in style! 

Next week, we'll be photographing these ideas to share, so be on the lookout for a #GettheLook holiday entertaining photo album soon! 

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